FMX-GRID first release


We are pleased to anounce the availability of a new Delphi grid control specifically designed for FMX. This control runs on all platforms, is easy on the memory, updatess fast and has smooth scrolling. There is a free version available that includes the following features:

  • Connects to different data sources (Lists, List, TDataset)
  • Smart row caching results in low memory usage
  • Fast scrolling
  • Hierarchical views
  • Extendable property model based on .Net type system (object properties can be modified at runtime)
  • Development backed up by a professional team of FMX developers
  • Components used in professional software (Lynx/Lynx-x) by a large user community

We also provide a commercial version, this version adds model support and property binding to visual controls. You can easily bind properties to editors for advanced two way syncing.

Please go to GitHub - a-dato/FMX-GRID to download the free version.